28-29/10 Investor Day Central and Eastern Europe (IDCEE)

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28-29/10 Investor Day Central and Eastern Europe (IDCEE)

Сообщение Vikkimus » 23 авг 2010, 11:05

Investor Day Central and Eastern Europe (IDCEE) 2010, Kyiv

Дата: 28.10.2010—29.10.2010

Место: Art Arsenal (’Mystetskiy Arsenal’), 28-30 Ivana Mazepy Street, Kyiv

IDCEE 2010 will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine and has an ambition to become one of the most outstanding and must-attend start-up conferences in Europe.

IDCEE 2010 is aiming to aggregate and distribute the ideas and knowledge of the world’s best start-ups and innovators with expertise and abilities of world’s leading angel investors and venture capitalists, through a top-class conference and expo, a broad selection of participative sessions, panels and keynotes, matchmaking events.

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